Why do you need a professional skin therapist?  For the same reason doctor and dentist check-ups are necessary: for better health!  

Skin is a living part of your body (your largest organ, in fact), that defends against environmental assaults and extreme temperatures. It helps eliminate toxins from the body.  It heals from cuts, abrasions and scratches like a champ.  It’s continually renewing and protecting.Simply put, skin keeps the bad stuff out and the good stuff in.

Your skin needs personal attention from a professional – and that professional is a expert skin therapist.   

Your best-looking skin starts with healthy skin, and healthy skin starts with a expert skin therapist.  So come inside and start living your healthiest skin!

Welcome to the b-est., the skin therapy side of Ego Mechanix Salon. 

Oooooooooo it's getting dark out....

During the winter months when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, skin can seem to be dryer or feel tighter, even more sensitized.  It is a good idea to adjust your skincare to compensate for that loss of moisture. But, with the correct product choice,  it's a pretty simple to transition your routine to give it the extra protection it needs.

For me it is usually as easy as changing my moisturizer from an oil free formula, to more of a combination skin type product.  It really could be as easy as layering in a product that helps protect your barrier function that the cold weather can strip away.

One product that I love and recommend quite often in times of cold weather is: Overnight Repair Serum.

It’s in the Age Smart line up of products so it contains a powerful designer peptide to help with fine lines and it does a great job firming up the skin.  BUT the magic comes from how amazing this product performs on the 3D’s (dull, dry, dehydrated).

Rose Hip Seed Oil works to help increase skins luminosity and with a little help from its friend Argon oil they are a dynamic duo that reinforce the barrier lipid layer.

Used at night, just 4 to 6 drops pressed into the skin before your moisturizer, it can also be mixed with your night cream as well.

Another great alternative to layer in is Barrier Repair (are you detecting a theme yet? Repair repair repair).  This is a great product to layer in especially if your skin is feeling sensitized by the change in climate.

Its in the ultra calming line up, so it has super ingredients to help sooth the skin, but it also has an uncanny way of melting right into the skin giving it that armor it needs to defend itself yet still feels light and breathable.  It’s really great if you’re hitting the slopes; just layer it under your SPF for added protection from the cold wind that can also strip the skin of moisture.

There are so many easy options to help your skin stay protected and healthy in the winter months, these are just a few of my favorites. It’s a great time check in with your skin therapist to see what is the best option for you.


As Always… wash your face!


Geordie MacDiarmid is a licensed skin therapist, and owner of Ego Mechanix, and Est. with over 20 years experience in the skin care industry